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Santa Maria island

Located at 28 ° 08 'west and 37 º 43' north, the island of Santa Maria is located in the Azores archipelago, in the middle Atlantic Ocean - between Europe and North America (760 nautical miles from Lisbon and 2,110 New York).

Santa Maria has a population of about 5000, which is distributed by the five villages that make up the municipality of Vila do Porto, including São Pedro, Almagreira, Santo Espírito, Santa Bárbara and Vila do Porto.

The island has an area of ​​approximately 97 km2 with 17 km long and 9.5 km at its widest. It has a varied landscape, presenting a quite hilly area between the villages of Santa Bárbara and Santo Espírito, and another flatter where is Vila do Porto and the villages of São Pedro and Almagreira. Between the mountainous area and the plain area is the Pico Alto (“High Peak”), the highest point on the island with about 590 meters of altitude.
The shore is very cropped with many bays and little coves, some of them housing sandy beaches, as São Lourenço and Praia Formosa.

Santa Maria is the only island of the Azores whose ground includes formations of sedimentary origin, lying wide variety of mollusks fossils and other marine species.

In the area of the the Picos, the group of hills in the center of the island, there are some endemic species such as heather (Erica azorica, Hochst.), the moor besom (Calluna vulagris, Salisb.), laurel (Persea azorica Seub .) and juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus, Lin).

The climate is mild and temperate, being the warmer and drier of all the Azores. With weak thermal amplitudes, average annual temperatures vary between 12 ° C (54 ° F) in winter and 25 ° C (77 ° F) in summer.

Atmosphere surrounding the Casa do Oleiro

The Casa do Oleiro is located on the north side of the island of Santa Maria, in the village of Santa Barbara, where you will be fascinated with the landscape of the mountain that finds the sea.

The Peace and tranquility are your closest neighbors, in a space that privileges a unique magic, perfect place to find your peace.

Countryside of excellence, in the place of Norte there are less than a dozen houses for permanent housing, so here you’ll find silence and privacy to enjoy the breathtaking view of the islet Lagoinhas and deep, on favorable days, sighting the island of São Miguel.

On the hill stands the Chapel of Lourdes, the first temple built in the Azores in honor of Lady (after the apparitions in Lourdes, France, in 1858), which stands out as being the only chapel in the archipelago with door facing the North.

Norte is located approximately 6 km away from São Lourenço bay, the major panorama symbol of Santa Maria Island, and 4 km from the center of the village of Santa Bárbara..

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